Monday through Friday
7:30am – 9:15am
St. Paul & St. James Church
57 Olive Street, New Haven


It’s always a sunny day at Sunrise Cafe New Haven!

Socially Distanced Chairs for Guests
Hello Friends,

It’s always a sunny day at Sunrise Cafe New Haven!
With our staff plus our small team of amazing long-term volunteers and your generous donations, we are still serving breakfast weekday mornings in the open air at the corner of Chapel and Olive Streets in front of the Church of St Paul and St James.  Recently, through the help of the EMERGECT program and Amistad House, we have expanded our reach into Fair Haven Monday through Friday so that at least some of our guests do not have to travel quite so far for breakfast. In total, we are serving 75 – 100 breakfasts each weekday morning. Dr. Phil and his staff continue to provide medical services outdoors at the Cafe once a week.
Serving Breakfast in Fair Haven
Serving Breakfast in Fair Haven

Our board has started talking about of how we move from emergency social distancing to recovery including when it might be safe for small gatherings to return to the undercroft of the Church of Saint Paul and Saint James. No recovery plans have been finalized. For the safety of our guests and volunteers, serving breakfast will remain outside for the next few months.

As always, our mission is community through kindness, compassion and friendship. This week, we began setting up a few chairs for our guests to rest and eat breakfast if they would like to. Continuing to serve breakfast during this pandemic is our way of keeping up a sense of community with our guests. With the future continuing to be uncertain, our guests and friends need us now more than ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your friendship and your thoughts, prayers and donations.   

We hope that you are doing well and staying safe during these exceptionally anxious times.

Art Hunt
Cafe Volunteer